Here Comes The Night

Here Comes The Night

When two estranged friends are reunited at a funeral, they embark on a night in Los Angeles. In an attempt to discover the city, they discover themselves.


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The Filmmakers


Duhl began acting at an early age taking story theater classes at the Piven Theater Workshop in Evanston and attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.


In New York, Haas studied at The Atlantic Theater Company while working in various positions in TV and film. He made a series of short films, which led to his acceptance into the AFI Conservatory where he received his MFA in Directing. His film, Ben And Holly played at festivals throughout the country. In recent years, Haas has worked in the wine business while building his portfolio of dramatic writing and continuing to pursue acting.

Peter Kline (Co-Director)

Kline has written scripts for Warner Brothers, MTV Films and Essential Media. He was a script consultant on Shirin Neshat's film "Women Without Men" which garnered the Silver Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival. He directed segments for the HBO series "FunnyorDie Presents". He co-wrote and produced International festival award winner "The Living Wake". He currently has two projects in development with Todd Phillips ("The Hangover").

PETE SHANEL (Co-Director)

Pete began his career at HKM Productions where he assisted some of the top commercial directors in the world. After directing several short films and music videos, he was accepted to the prestigious AFI Directing Program in Los Angeles. He was recently named “Filmmaker to Watch” by the industry news site, Film NewsBriefs for his short film, “Stephany & Me.”

The Process

The screenplay for “Here Comes the Night” came about in an untraditional way. Longstanding friends, Peter Kline, Pete Shanel, Ben Duhl and Kurt Haas, wanted to make a film about their lives. It was never meant to be autobiography per se, but rather a story that was to be a composite snapshot of the group. They had lived through their twenties, together, and recently entered their thirties. Well into adulthood, each has strived to define themselves as men, in an age where the markers of adulthood can be elusive. It was the group's goal to make a film that dealt with this transitional period. It was to be funny, heartfelt, awkward and truthful.

In an attempt to produce the most natural and authentic version of their story, the group devised a method of working that was a combination of improvisation and scripting. In the first phase, the four came up with an in-depth scene outline. In the second phase, Ben and Kurt improvised on camera in and around that outline. Shanel and Kline then used relevant footage to compose scripted scenes. In the final phase, the group workshopped these scenes, added some original scripting, and brought other actors into the process to develop the supporting roles. Within a year, the script for HERE COMES THE NIGHT was complete.